Mike started his carpentry career building skateboard ramps in his parents driveway with his older brother. His first job was with his uncle's construction company in Massachusetts during summer break from High School. After studying fine art in college, Mike spent most of his 20's traveling the world while volunteering for building projects wherever he went. His 15-plus years of experience include framer, trim carpenter, and project manager and span the US, Ireland, Australia, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. The most memorable and life-transforming experience was the 4 years he spent at an exotic animal refuge in the Bolivian Amazon. Now that he is putting down roots here in Western North Carolina, he has added small business owner to his resumé. In lieu of time spent in the Amazon, he is now a founder of a non-profit to protect it - BALTA. When you look past the surface, his passion to be an artisan as much as an environmentalist is evident in every build.

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Kenny has been a builder and a carpenter in residential construction now for over 15 years. His passion for building began with imagination in childhood forests, where he would procure various salvaged materials to create multi-story tree houses. Throughout his youth and his adult life, Kenny has carried his passion for nature and creative building, continually turning to carpentry as his primary trade between travels, studies, musical pursuits, and seasonal jobs in environmental education. From building log cabins and custom homes in the mountains of Wyoming, to restoring eclectic San Francisco dwellings, to constructing bamboo hostels in Hawai'i, Crowley draws from a breadth of experience. He possesses a working understanding of every phase of the construction process. He also holds a degree in Landscape Architecture, which lends a unique spatial design perspective to his building skill set along with the ability to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.