Rolling Roots was born from our passions. Having lived much of our lives as environmentalists and outdoorsmen, discovering the tiny home community felt like coming home. The tiny home lifestyle means fulfillment to us. Living simply affords you the time to get outside and appreciate relationships with each other and the outdoors. We craft beautiful, quality tiny homes from our passion to help others simplify and merge their homes with the natural world. 

Our focus is on aesthetic yet functional design and a low environmental impact. Based in Western North Carolina, we pride ourselves on using locally sourced and re-purposed materials. We use non-toxic and no/low VOC paints, stains and adhesives.

Although tiny homes are our specialty, we have the ability to build just about anything our clients can dream up. For a not-so-tiny project, we disassembled an early 1900s tobacco barn in Tennessee and reassembled it near Asheville. It fit with our mission, so we went for it. This is just one example of creative projects that get our wheels turning.

Something that feels right to us is giving back. We donate 5% of our profits to help protect an important ecosystem threatened by building with exotic woods...the Amazon jungle. We donate to BALTA (Bolivian Amazon Landtrust Alliance), a non profit striving to protect the Amazon through education, conservation, and the support of sustainable business. For more information, go to

We hope to see you down the road on the path to a simple and fulfilling life.